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Story boards

oni girl

"ONI GIRL" is a passion project that I work on in my free time as part of an animation worker co-op. 

Above is a WIP of a fight scene that I boarded entirely in Blender for the pilot episode.
Mace model and rig by Mark Pauletti.

 Above is a quick animation I made in Blender to test out Akari's mace rig that Mark Pauletti built for "Oni Girl".


"Batman: The Doom That Came to Gotham" is WBA's Eldridge Sci-fi Horror take on Batman. My work was on this movie was heavily influenced by the director, Christopher Berkely.  

Urkel Saves santa

"Urkel Saves Santa" is a holiday comedy movie centered around Steve Urkel. In the section above, I had the privilege to freely improvise, as to adapt to last-minute script changes. This scene carries happy memories for me as I bounced a lot of ideas off my team. Pun intended.

helluva boss

"HELLUVA BOSS" is an indie animated series made by Vivienne  Madrano.

The boards above are from Episode 6 "Truth Seekers". 

I was responsible for fully improvising the action sequences in this epsiode, including action choreography, gags, and even dialogue. 

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